Special Type Sewing Machine

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1.The maximum sewing speed of 3,000 rpm has been achieved by the adoption of an optimal machine structure for high speed drive.
2.As a result of computer di rect drive.the machine claims rapid engines start and stop.compared with machine of traditional model,it shortens the time by 35%,hence a further increase in production efficiency.
3.Driven by pulse motor,height of Iift-press feet is set as 2-phase,Easy positioning of sewing material greatly reduces set time.Moreover.it is suitable for delicate treading of the footplate and there is optimal footplate performance of the following treading.Noise of the presser foot is reduced to a large extent for more comfortable work.

4.The machine adopts the mode of oil-free needle bar,i.e. feeding the rotating shuttle with clean engine oil.The employment of direct drive assures that the strap will not have any crumbs and thus will not cause contamination to products.