Blindstitch Machine 
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Function Characteristic
. The single thread chain stitch hides itself so that we can not see it from the outside, which makes the clothes much neater and more elegant.
. The equipped adjustable rolling bracket fixes the elastic cotton fabric with different calibers, which makes it easy to be operated
. With automatic oiling.
For socks, gloves,cuffs of sleeves, etcl. Such small caliber things blindstitch.
Stitch spec:Single thread, Chainstitch, Blindstitch
Speed:Max.2,500 s.p.m
Stitch length:3-8mm
Cylinder diameter: 40mm
Skip stitch: No Skip (1:1)
Needle:LW x 6T (Organ Needle, Japan)
Motor:Clutch(200W,4-poles)or AC\Servo-motor