Blindstitch Machine 
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Function Characteristic
. The blindstitch way leaves no stitch on the surface of the belt loop and make it pleasing to eyes.
.Additional knife shears the edge automatically which can makes use of leftover material directly in order to save material.
.Newly-designed front feed dog and plate solve the problem of no stitch connection between two sewed materials, and become more efficient.
.Automomatic rolling plate, bracket and other relative oriented sets efficiently reduce mistakes made by makers and make srue high quality.
Specially designed for sdwing belt loop of Western style brousers, The width of finished products:,Plesase confirm your required finished width of belt loop on your order.
Stitch spec:Single thread, Chainstitch, Blindstitch
Speed:Max.2,000 s.p.m
Stitch length:3-8mm
Skip stitch: No Skip (1:1)
Needle: LW x 6T (Organ Needle, Japan)
Motor: Clutch (200W, 4-poles) or AC\Servo-motor