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Characteristics:The new design could realize zig sewing at many points.It adopts semi-rotative large oscillating shuttle, which could reduce the times of changing bobbin and realize sewing for thick thread, thick material and decorating sewing.It is suitable for zig sewing, both cut sewing and decorating sewing of sofa, cushion and leather products.
主要技术参数Main Parameters:
   最高缝速 Max.Sewing speed
   800针/分 needles/min
   压脚提升 Presser food lift
 手提 By hand
   10毫米 mm
 膝控 By knee    15毫米 mm
   最大针距 Max stitch
   10毫米 mm
   针摆宽度 Width of between needle point tracers
   0-16毫米 mm
   机针 Needle size
   摆梭 Oscillating shuttle
   电动机 Motor
   550W 1400转/分 r.p.m