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Characteristics:Single-needle, double-needle sewing machine could sew in various stitches. It adopts semi-rotative big oscillating shuttle, which could realize thick thread decorating sewing. It is suitable for both cut sewing and decorating sewing of sofa, shoes, suitcase and clothing.
主要技术参数Main Parameters:
   最高缝速 Max.Sewing speed
   800针/分 r.p.m
   压脚提升 Presser food lift
 手提 By hand
   12毫米 mm
 膝控 By knee    15毫米 mm
   最大针距 Max stitch
   0-12毫米 mm
   针间距 Need size
   6毫米、8毫米、10毫米、12毫米 mm
   机针 Needle size
   摆梭 Oscillating shuttle
   电动机 Motor
   550W 1400转/分 r.p.m