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KH230/KR230 Jacquard

Stitch count: 110 Stitches. Needle Pitch: 9.0mm. Power: Manual
Knitting Patterns: It can knit simple Flat knitting weave, Slip Stitch weave, appliqué weave or plating weave.
  Mounted with auxiliary machines, it can knit ribbing weave in cuffs and collar, and single/double cradle and ripples weaves.
Applying to:Pure wool, pure fibre, wool and acrylic blended yarn, various wool and cotton threads, thin thread, medium thick thread, and thick thread, etc.
Packed machine size: ( Length×width×Height): KH230 114×25×12.5cm
                     KR230 115×26×14.5cm
Weight: KH230: N.W:11kg, G.W: 12kg
    KR230: N.W:11.5kg, G.W:12.5kg