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KH120 Jacquard

  Our company is specialized in developing, manufacturing and distributing the manual card-pattern auto jacquard knitting machine. Under our own brand “SHENFENG”, the Models we produced like KH868/KR850, KH 860/KR838, KH260/KR260, KH230/KR230 share the same performance and accessories with Brother’s corresponding model numbers. In order to meet client’s requirement to different widen models, we also produced master and auxiliary machines for widen model KH860-272, KR838-272, needle pitch 4.5mm, 272 needles; widen model K260-150, KR260-150, needle pitch 9mm, 150 needles; widen model KH160/KR160 needle pitch all 6mm, 164 and 177 needles. Attached with Chinese and English